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Designed with editors in mind, the streamlined interface and incredible performance of Motion let you create and play back titles, transitions, and effects in real time. Instantly transition from 2D to 3D space by adding a camera or cameras to any 2D project while preserving your 2D groups. Toolbar : This contains tools for creating content and manipulating elements in your project. Motion is all about playing. Click on the Keyboard Set menu and choose Duplicate. The Head Up Display HUD is a semi-transparent floating window that shows certain properties of a selected layer, filter, or behavior. Or apply the Overshoot behavior to easily create spring-loaded animations.

Final Cut Pro – Apple (IT).MOTION 5 TUTORIALS – Simple Video Making


Pay with your iPhone using Face ID in stores, within apps and on the web. Pay with your iPhone using Touch ID in stores, within apps and on the web. Video Calling 8. FaceTime video. Audio Calling 8. FaceTime audio. Audio Playback. Spatial Audio playback. Stereo playback. Supports Dolby Atmos. Video Playback. Siri 9. Use your voice to send messages, set reminders and more.

Use your voice to run shortcuts from your favourite apps. Power and Battery 3. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. MagSafe and Qi wireless charging Qi wireless charging Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter. Video playback:. Up to 22 hours. Up to 28 hours. Up to 19 hours. Up to 17 hours.

Up to 15 hours. Up to 20 hours. Up to 18 hours. Up to 13 hours. Up to 14 hours. Up to 16 hours. Up to 11 hours. Video playback streamed :. Up to 25 hours. Up to 10 hours. Up to 12 hours. Up to 8 hours. Audio playback:. Up to 75 hours. Up to 95 hours. Up to 55 hours. Up to 50 hours. Up to 65 hours. Up to 80 hours. Up to 40 hours. Up to 60 hours. Fast-charge capable. Included Headphones. EarPods with Lightning Connector. EarPods with 3. LiDAR Scanner. Three-axis gyro. Proximity sensor. Ambient light sensor.

SIM Card. Dual eSIM support Tech Specs. Tech specs. All iPhone models. Alpine green, sierra blue, silver, gold and graphite. Ceramic Shield front, textured matt glass back and stainless steel design. Water resistant to a depth of 6 metres for up to 30 minutes IP68 4. Battery life: Up to 22 hours video playback; up to 20 hours video playback streamed 3.

Face ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay. Compatible with MagSafe accessories. Battery life: Up to 28 hours video playback; up to 25 hours video playback streamed 3. Ceramic Shield front, glass back and aluminium design. Battery life: Up to 19 hours video playback; up to 15 hours video playback streamed 3.

It integrates a Secure Enclave coprocessor and discrete controllers into a single chip. To deliver the fastest possible performance, Mac Pro is built on an all-flash storage architecture. And with every MPX Module you add you get more capability. Two convenient ports on the top allow quick and easy connections to your Thunderbolt 3—compatible devices. Mac Pro is also available in a rack mount — with all the same performance features and configuration options as the tower — for spaces better suited to a rack design.

Open this page using Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Learn more. Mac Pro. Buy Mac Pro. Power to change everything. All-New Design Function defines form. Processor and Memory Up to 28 cores of power. Create without constraint. Engineered to go all out. All the time. Forget everything you know about memory. Go configure. Graphics Extreme performance. By design. A second connector. And instantly jump back to Motion at any time for more advanced changes. Publish any parameter to a template, or create rigs that let you control a group of parameters with a simple slider, pop-up menu, or checkbox.

If you set up templates with multiple aspect ratios, Final Cut Pro automatically uses the correct layout based on your footage. Motion boasts an enormous ecosystem of third-party plug-ins and templates that complement the power of the app. Download tools for enhanced tracking and 3D object creation, or choose from thousands of templates with gorgeous titles, transitions, and effects to use as is or customize to fit your project.

Learn more about third-party products. Combine 3D objects, cameras, lights, and emitters with other complex elements, and view your results instantly. For even more stunning results, add cameras to a scene or combine objects with emitters, replicators, cameras, and more. Add an eye-catching glow to any image, shape, or text element with the Neon Filter.

Enhance the effect even more by animating its intensity with keyframes. Or combine the filter with tracking behaviors to make moving objects really shine. Create visual effects in the blink of an eye with Motion on the new Mac Studio. The media engine on M1 Max and M1 Ultra accelerates ProRes playback and export, freeing up the processing power for intensive tasks like rendering particle systems and adding complex behaviors.

Motion features a real-time design engine that lets you see your work immediately, along with a deep set of tools and content for creating and animating complex motion graphics.

Control the timing and position of elements in your animation using intuitive keyframe tools. Use flexible curve interpolation for smooth parameter changes.

Draw curves using a freehand tool, or move, stretch, and condense groups of keyframes using the Transform box. Create natural-looking motion without the need for complex calculations using preset behaviors like Gravity, Throw, and Vortex. Use Text behaviors that animate letters, words, or lines across the screen. Or apply the Overshoot behavior to easily create spring-loaded animations.

You can even combine behaviors for more advanced motion animations. Create high-quality animated backgrounds with built-in generators — each with parameters to customize the look and style of the animation. Choose from a collection of standard shapes or unique designs.

All generators can be used as bump maps or textures on other objects — including 3D text. The next evolution of Particle Illusion brings 3D models to the user-friendly generator. Import Maxon Cinema 4D files and map particles to different surface setups for full creative particle control. After Effects users also have the ability to use text or masked shapes for line simulations.

Each effect contains new presets to help you visualize your imagery every step of the way. You can also save your own presets and share them with any host that runs Continuum. New in Major Speed Gains. Continuum is the fastest version of the award-winning plugin collection yet.

For a full list of MFR speed improvements, click here. Create stunning particle animations in no time thanks to huge performance increases delivering up to 5x faster speeds across all supported plugin hosts. Highlighted presets include The Wizard of Oz, E.


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Your graphics in Motion. Shop by Product. Manage consent. Object Tracking.


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