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Learn how to use cloning in Corel Painter and start adding your own unique touch to your photos, or use photographs as the starting point for creative and unique works of art. In this tutorial you will learn: How to set up the clone palette with a source image. Set up . Part 2: Introduction to Cloning. Now that you are familiar with the Photo Art workspace, it’s time to start painting! The first step is cloning, and Painter has some powerful cloning tools to help you transform a photo into a work of art. You can choose the Clone function or the Quick Clone function – both will duplicate your source image. Oct 08,  · Posted by Skip Allen on December 2, i. 3 Votes. Hello Everyone, My dear friend, Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker, has made and posted for free a new set of must have brushes. Karen is a top-notch brush maker and you are going to love these. Here is an image that she posted on her blog showing the variants at work.


Using the Clone Brush – How to Clone and Auto Paint


To gain entrance, you do have to register, but registration is free. Inside there is a store, lots of tutorials…both Painter and Photoshop, but more importantly, the TAQ community is passionate about making art and willing to share with each other. There are various levels of membership. I am sure there is one just right for you.

I was going to show mine about the technology of the variants, but realized that Tim talks about that too. His will probably be all that some need. If you want a bit more technical information, then look at my two videos.

OK…need more information? In the next video I take one of the Buttery Oils variants and tweak it in different ways. It really is a brush lesson for these types of variants. If you are at all interested in brush making, this video is for you. Well folks, that is about it, but I have one more bit of news.

I have purchased the Wacom Intuos 5 and I love it. The next set of videos will be about installation and set up for Painter Skip has completely ignored me on this post. He is so mean. When he bought the new computer I thought we would have lots of room to play…and there is lots of room, but I play alone. Does anyone know another nice computer virus that might like to room with me.

Let me know. Are you ready for Gold Leaf variants in Painter? Do you know how to turn objects and letters into gold? Read on, you are in for a treat. I love her work. I am especially taken with her sumi-e bamboo with added gold leaf. Then return here and enjoy my take on this technique that Karen developed.

The first week Master Painter Karen Bonaker taught us useful techniques for making flower paintings. She gave us some very fine brushes, too. I taught the second week. The subject was snow landscapes in watercolor; we used the new brush sets, Cool Spring and Drips and Runs. Elaina Moore-Kelly showed wonderful Holiday Card techniques in the third week. But the fourth week really caught my attention.

A few days before, she showed me a technique she was going to use that she called adding gold leaf. Her demo fascinated me. She even used one of the Bristly Dab variants to create the brush that she used for gold leaf.

My mind filled with possibilities and I was off and running to make some Gold Brush Variants. They are surprisingly easy to make. I quickly made a few and posted them for the participants in Holiday Open Studio. But that is not all; he added a number of gold variants of his own. And they are so super!!! Thank you David for all that you do for us. David gave me permission to post his brushes along with mine for you to download.

I know you will have fun with them. I have a video for you. Hope you enjoyed the video and like what you saw. This first video shows you how to capture a gradient. It is very easy. The final video explains how to turn text into gold or any object for that matter. Oh, OK, it is just another term for clone.

I will provide a download link for the brushes and reflection maps at the end of this post. But I promised Painter 11 and X users I would explain how to delete a gradient. Here goes:. I think that is it for the tutorials; now for the download. I hope you enjoy them. Gold Stuff Download. Just to give you an idea of how these brushes work and what you can do with them.

I took an old watercolor painting and added gold lettering and gold leaf. And it is my way of saying to each of you, have the Happiest of Holidays!!! The sound is so annoying. The kiddies are all set with their class lists…. Hello RAW shooters everywhere! Download AfterShot…. In my…. Sign up for our newsletter and get a free creative pack plus the latest tips, tutorials, and special offers in your inbox each week.

How to Clone and Auto Paint. By Discovery Center Team Imagine being able to transform your favorite photos into beautiful paintings in seconds! In this tutorial you will learn: How to automatically paint a photo How to restore detail to specific parts. Course Menu. Download Your Free Trial. Related Tutorials. Advanced Auto Painting and Cloning. Getting Started with Photo Art. Tools You Need. Painter Create next-level results with trusted, professional digital art software that offers realistic brushes, exciting media, and an array of versatile tools.

Painter Essentials 8 Spark your creativity with Painter Essentials 8. Fireworks Brush Pack Add some sparkly firework calligraphy into any illustration or photo with your own intentions and creativity using the versatile Fireworks Brush Pack.

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