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Thanks to virtualization, anyone can now test any operating system on their computer without needing vmware workstation 14 new features free download hard drive or a dedicated partition to do so, perform complicated configurations or upgrade their system and its components. Although there are several virtualization tools, the most important today are VirtualBox, the free and open source option of Oracle, and VMware Workstationthe proprietary and more professional option for virtualizing all types of operating systems.

VMware Workstation is one of the most complete platforms for virtualizing all types of operating systems. Thanks to this application, we will be able to create virtual machines, based on virtualized hardware, where we can install any operating system in order to be able to use it without problems on our host operating system. Within the VMware virtualization ecosystem, we can find 3 different products:.

A few hours ago, the company announced the launch of the new version of its virtualization tool: VMware Workstation 14 And Fusion vmwarrfor macOS usersa version which, while not too large, comes with significant changes, improvements and new features as we will see below. This new version does нажмите для продолжения have any major changes or news, but it is an important update to continue to provide the best possible experience when it comes to virtualizing other operating systems.

The first of the novelties that we find in the new VMware Workstation 14 is the compatibility with the new operating systems, among which Windows 10 Creators Update, Ubuntu Everything about network and internet connection has been updated and improved well as a function that allows us to clean and optimize virtual hard drives created with this tool.

Also, how could it be less, a large number of bugfixes were brought to provide the best stability and performance. This new version of VMware Workstation is now available for download. As we have v,ware explained, the Pro version dowload the most complete and advanced version, but vmware workstation 14 new features free download does come with a fee.

If we want to download it for the try free for 30 daysor purchase its corresponding license, we can do so at from the following link. If the free version of Workstation Player works for us, we can download it at from the vmware workstation 14 new features free download link.

The main limitation of this version is that we cannot create our own virtual machinesalthough if we can get them by other means someone else creates them for us, or uploads them already created from the internetthis free version workstatino serve us just fine.

Are you using VMware Workstation to virtualize operating systems? What do you think of the news of the new version 14? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email website in this browser for the next time I comment. Within vmawre VMware vware ecosystem, we can find 3 workshation products: VMware WorkstationProthe most complete version for featurws environments, paid.

VMware Workstation Playera simpler version than the previous one, free and ideal for individuals. What’s New in VMware Workstation 14 This new version does not have any major changes or news, but it is an important update to continue to provide the best possible experience when it comes to virtualizing other operating systems. Similar items. How to workstatoin your videos into spectacular comics for free February Dropbox fratures the ability to share screenshots February Adobe fixes 35 vulnerabilities in its programs February How to calculate median of workstafion of data in Microsoft Excel?

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Vmware workstation 14 new features free download. VMware Workstation Pro for Windows


In celebration of the 20th anniversary, VMware released the version 15 of their desktop hypervisor product Workstation available on Windows and Linux, which is one their biggest releases so far. It is a great tool for running multiple OSes on top of your OS for testing or increased compatibility purpose without resorting to dual boot. As usual the product is available in two versions: Workstation Pro and Workstation Player.

This feature could prove very useful to people running lab that get destroyed and rebuilt regularly. Leveraging clones is of course a way of speeding up the process of spinning up a lab but scripting it will make it totally painless.

The UI got a few changes although not massive. Note though that it supports 4K resolutions for host and guest scaling so you might get better use of your display should you have a high end monitor. The other new feature is the Stretch Mode where the guest can be resized without needing to adjust the resolution in the guest.

It may seem trivial but it is actually really useful when you want visibility of multiple guests at the same time without destroying your eyes. Windows 10 version or later and VMware Tools Another useful feature is that you can now easily access the virtual machine directory from a Windows host by right-clicking the virtual machine in the Workstation Pro library and selecting Open VM directory.

This one is only available if you run workstation on Windows 10 version or greater. It is always more comfortable to work in an SSH session than in the virtual console. You can connect to a remote ESXi 6. You can also upload a local virtual machine to vSphere 6.

If you use Workstation at work to consolidate your virtual consoles of your remote environments, you will be glad to know that it is now aware of datacenters, hosts and clusters.

Only available for Windows hosts however. However keep in mind that VMs in version 16 will only be compatible with Workstation 15 and Fusion 11, not even vSphere 6. You can try the products for free for 15 days. Workstation 15 Pro. Workstation 15 Player.

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We can now download the new VMware Workstation 14 – Computing Mania

Now includes a new Dark Mode user interface, DirectX 11 Graphics, support for Kubernetes and containers, Hyper-V mode and more. DOWNLOAD TRIAL. VMware Workstation Pro is a free upgrade for all VMware Workstation Pro 14 users. It makes improvements in following areas.

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