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The 7th Guest is a horror story told from the unfolding perspective of the player, as an amnesiac. Release date:. Hotspot based with the option to highlight all hotspots in each game screen. Mail Tribune.


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The story of the horror-themed puzzle-adventure game Gme 7th Guest 7th guest pc game during the Great Depression : wandering drifter and thief Henry Stauf kills an old woman on her way home from choir practice7th guest pc game to a new low even for him.

That same night, he has a dream about a beautiful dolla replica of which he carves the next day and offers to a local barkeep in exchange for room and board. Stauf continues to make dolls and other toys based on his visions ; when they become a high-demand item, Stauf becomes a very wealthy man.

Everything search download 10, at the height of Stauf’s success, a mysterious illness soon kills many 7th guest pc game the children who own his toys. Stauf builds a remote mansion based on another dream, ugest the town of Harley also called Harley-on-HudsonNew York, then moves into it пол reaktor 6 library free Новые retires from society for good. The years pass on, and when nobody knows for sure if Stauf is still alive, he 7th guest pc game six guests 7thh his mansion for a dinner party.

The invitation promises to grant the wishes of 7yh solves all of his mansion’s puzzles. But the puzzles themselves are little more than a means to an end—clues 7th guest pc game what Stauf wants and what he 7th guest pc game the guests to do for him. The player controls an unremarkable amnesiac who wakes fame in Stauf’s mansion, which is the setting for the entire game, and tries to figure out how he ended up there.

As this character wanders the mansion and solves logic puzzles some of them suspiciously illogical 7th guest pc game advance the fame, Stauf becomes an ever-present menace by taunting the amnesiac with clues and expressing displeasure when a puzzle gets solved.

The 7th Guest was one of the first games to make use of CD-ROM technology, which gave it a reputation as a technical 7yh for its day. Gxme and fans considered the prerendered CGI graphics and Full Motion Video as state-of-the-art technology gamw a videogame; 7tth manufacturers frequently used the game to show off the capabilities of a CD-ROM drive. The game offers a hint book 7th guest pc game the library of the house that offers clues on how to solve the game’s next puzzle.

When it is used for a third time, it guesh the puzzle for the player so they can continue the game. The game’s manual says “consequences” could occur for using the hint bookbut a player can use it without penalty for all but the last puzzle. 7th guest pc game 7th Guest was successful enough to receive a sequel in The 11th Hour takes place gwme years after the events of its predecessor and follows the story of reporter Carl Denning, who visits Stauf Manor to look for his lost producer and soon becomes another victim of Stauf’s wicked schemes.

Another planned sequel, The Collector —which would have featured Stauf as a museum curator— vanished when developer Trilobyte went out of business. That game was sold only through mail-order; it sold only twenty-seven copies in the US and total copies worldwide. After solving the problems with porting to newer hardware, The 11th Hour also became available for purchase. In MarchTrilobyte co-founder Charlie McHenry announced a new sequel and 7th guest pc game to release it across multiple platforms in In an attempt to secure funding for the sequel titled The 7th Guest 3: The CollectorTrilobyte kicked off a Kickstarter project on Halloweenbut the campaign was ultimately unsuccessful.

A paperback novelization of the original guezt backstory was shipped with the 7th Guest CD; it is now 7th guest pc game on Amazon Kindle. In the summer ofTrilobyte once again announced a new sequelThe 13th Doll. This game was originally a fan creation by Attic Door Productions; they have читать далее partnered with the original Trilobyte team to make it an official sequel. Tad never recovered from his experiences in Stauf’s manor; as an adult, he remains confined to a mental institution.

His new doctor thinks he needs to return to the manor to confront gamme demons once and for all. But the doctor doesn’t realize just how real those demons are The game was released on Steam on Halloween Community Ga,e More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. A perplexing, planetary poser. How puzzling. Perhaps a phonemic path can be phrased Hamilton Temple: I know! I know who you are—you’re the seventh guest! But if you should see Old Man Stauf, get on your knees and pray. Show Spoilers.


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The 7th Guest is an interactive movie puzzle adventure game, produced by Trilobyte and originally released by Virgin. The mansion of horror comes to life again and only you can end this mad nightmare and learn the secret of the 7th guest. The game features: .

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